Join the MSU Data Science and Computational Seismology Lab!

We are looking for qualified, highly motivated, and enthusiastic graduate students and postdocs to join our lab! Interested undergraduate students are also welcome to get trained and work in our lab on research projects throughout the year!

Qualifications and Responsibilities of Postdocs:
1. Ph.D. in geophysics, physics, applied math, or computer science.
2. Highly motivated by one of the following research interests:
– Developing new data analytics and computational methods and algorithms to enable fast and high-fidelity seismic imaging and tomography.
– Applying full waveform inversion and seismic imaging tools on large seismic data set to obtain multi-scale resolution seismic images of earthquake sources and Earth’s interior and to better address scientific questions related to earthquake rupture, subduction zones, continental margins, and melt in the crust and mantle.
3. Experience in high-performance computing.
4. Knowledge and experience in full waveform inversion, machine learning, GPU coding are desired.
5. Excellent written and oral communication skills.
6. Ability to work and collaborate effectively with undergraduate and graduate students.

Qualifications of graduate students:
1. B.S. or M.S. in geophysics, physics, applied math, or computer science.
2. Strong background in physics and math.
3. Genuinely interested in advancing scientific understanding of Earth’s interior structure or earthquake source.
4. Self-motivated in developing new computational methods for imaging and inverse problems to enable scientific discoveries in the field of seismology and beyond.